Cloud Storage vs Privacy

Cloud Storage vs Privacy

People always storage information to make easy way to have access to data, with passing of years people are improving ways to storage the information in Cassettes, CD’s and USB. Now is so common that people storage important data in cloud.

The major difference between cloud storage and traditional storage means is accessibility and privacy. While hard disks offer local access to information, cloud storage offers unlimited access to data, if the users can provide the necessary passkeys and if the computer has internet access.

What are Advantages of Cloud Storage?

Cloud computing is an on-demand computing model which relies on a stable Internet connection to share and access data across multiple devices such as computers or smartphones. Accessibility are part of the benefits of cloud storage, usually people can access in whatever places worldwide just access with an account and password.

If we took a step back to see the bigger scenery, cloud computing allows users to access all the information stored in a third-party data center. This is achieved using minimal resources and minimal supervision.

Which are Cloud Storage Risks?

Data providers offers different services depending clients and requirements, usually companies as banks or government intuitions secure data with a special cloud storage. But not all providers offer a secure services, depending data you can access to private, public, hybrid or mobile data storage.

Depending of cloud provider risks can increase, but depends about data importance can make the difference between you decide a specialized cloud storage or a simply a google drive.

Open Cloud

With open cloud, you won’t need to concern about maintenance or data security, since all the data is externalized and public. Public clouds are easier to access and maintain than private clouds depending of providers can share data as a open source.

Private Cloud

Private clouds are tailored to accommodate and handle data requests from small home-based companies or larger companies. Typically, this type of cloud service is the best solution for a company that wants to migrate all data by employing the services of a third-party cloud provider

Hybrid Cloud

One of the greatest advantages of using hybrid clouds is the greater number of customization options and possibilities . You can add, delete or edit the current applications running on your cloud and inclusive add new users and admins.

If you wish to share sensitive information, you can always opt for the private cloud feature with better security. Alternately, you can migrate some of your non-sensitive data on the public side of the cloud.

What Risks are you exposed with Cloud Storage?

Share Data

Though cloud data is not shared, the facilities it is housed in are. Though with the right security measures in place this shouldn’t be prove a problem, there is a chance that having a malicious file uploaded to the same server your data is on could affect you, too.

Server Location

Which brings us to another point: since privacy laws vary wildly all across the world, it pays to make sure the country you’re storing your data in meets all your requirements. If you can also find a location that gives you a good connection speed, that is a major bonus.


Dropbox is the biggest offender, with a long history of security breaches (which is why we recommend several Dropbox alternatives in cloud storage for the security-conscious). To make sure nobody steals your data, you need a provider that offers good encryption, doesn’t log data and keeps staff well away from consumer IDs. Check out our list of most secure cloud storage services for some companies that we recommend.

Is important define a cloud provider a support team to secure data and develop features or needs of companies, always think about what is the best choice based in quality and security.

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