Why is It So Important 
Good Communication Skills At Work?

Why is It So Important Good Communication Skills At Work?

Allan Porras
Allan Porras May 19 2021 • 3 min read

Hello everyone, this week we are going to talk about why it is so important to communicate in an organization.

Every day we spend hours working either virtually or in person, for this reason it is important that we maintain a healthy, organized and productive environment. Perhaps it is something very common or easy to accomplish, but in many occasions it is complicated or we do not give it the importance it deserves.

Many times we do not take into account that communication goes far beyond the assignment of tasks or accountability at the end of the day to our leaders. It is about conveying messages to people throughout our work environment. And no, it is not about creating friendly relationships with all colleagues, but about cordiality and respect for the people who are part of the team.

In this blog we are going to deal with two key points that directly interfere in the communication-organization relationship, these are:

1. How communication contributes to organizations.

Social relations: It allows us to create close relationships with our colleagues, identify those people with whom we have more affinity.

Healthy work environment: Avoids tense environments, lack of trust, conflicts and misunderstandings.

Support in carrying out tasks: Many times we have to accept new challenges and fulfill certain tasks that may take us out of our comfort zone, for this reason talking with our colleagues is essential to clarify doubts or work together.

Emotional support: Going beyond labor conflicts, there are certain personal problems that sometimes need some kind of support, so communication with leaders, colleagues and others can contribute to solutions or special help.

Productivity: Communication contributes to smoother processes and more assertive task assignments, along with this makes our teams more productive and task accomplishment more efficient and effective.

Conflict resolution: Misunderstandings are very common when we have to work in a team or with people we do not know, therefore, clarifying such conflicts is based on communicating and explaining clearly what happened and thus avoid going further.

2. How we can improve communication in the organization.

If communication is not the most assertive or clear within our companies, there are a series of strategies or tactics that we can implement to improve it:

Establishment of the organizational culture: establishing the goals and objectives of the company allows us to know how it is organized and to whom each employee should be addressed according to their queries, in addition to allowing us to identify the guidelines that we must follow.

Recreational activities: organization of activities that allow us to share with all of us who are part of the staff, the treatment of equals and the release of stress.

Team work: many times, not knowing how to communicate comes from the lack of relating with other people, a tool that can be effective is team work and the coordination of tasks that allow different thoughts and perspectives.

Fostering values: empathy and respect for others makes people feel comfortable when addressing others, knowing that we can express and give our opinions without fear of being judged or humiliated.

Feedback: feedback allows us not only to communicate and have constant interaction, but also helps people to grow and improve continuously.

Meetings: meetings are tools that we should not leave aside, knowing how each department is progressing, clarifying doubts and even organizing other activities are issues that allow us to develop the tasks in a coordinated manner and under the line of organizational objectives.

Internal information platforms: knowing what are the monthly activities, birthdays, achievements and even new team members are part of the communication, for this reason tools such as blogs, newsletters, bulletins and suggestion boxes contribute to the knowledge of thoughts and ideas of the team.

Finally, let us remember that the success of each of these points does not depend only on the management, but involves the commitment of all the members of the organization. A healthy and communicative environment favors not only internally but reaches far beyond, making an organization more competitive and positioned.

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