Connecting Firebase Firestore to Google BigQuery for Advanced Analytics and Custom Reports

Connecting Firebase Firestore to Google BigQuery for Advanced Analytics and Custom Reports

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Allan Porras
Allan Porras Feb 2 2024 • 2 min read

Firebase Firestore's real-time, flexible NoSQL charm meets Google BigQuery's lightning-fast SQL muscle – a match made in data analysis heaven. This dynamic duo empowers you to create custom reports for your app, gleaning deeper insights and making data-driven decisions with ease. Let's delve into the technicalities of connecting them, exploring both one-time and continuous methods:

Method 1: Manual Export for Targeted Analysis

Need a one-shot analysis of your Firestore data? This method is your champion.

1. Exporting from Firestore:

  • Navigate to your Firebase project in the console and head to Build > Firestore Database.
  • Choose your preferred export format (JSON, CSV, or Firestore Export JSON).
  • Select the specific collections you want to export and initiate the download.

2. Uploading to BigQuery:

  • Open the BigQuery console and select your project.
  • Navigate to the target dataset and click Create Table.
  • Under Source, choose Cloud Storage and provide the downloaded file's URI.
  • Configure schema fields (automatic or manual) and bring your table to life!

3. Analyze & Report:

  • Craft SQL queries in BigQuery to explore and analyze your data from various angles.
  • Unleash the power of visualization tools like Google Data Studio or Looker to transform your findings into stunning, informative reports.

Code Example (BigQuery Schema Definition):

CREATE TABLE `your_project.your_dataset.your_table` (
  timestamp TIMESTAMP,
  // Add other fields based on your Firestore document schema


Method 2: Stream Firestore Data for Continuous Insights

Craving real-time or scheduled updates for your BigQuery data? This method keeps your analytics pipeline constantly fed.

1. Install & Configure Firebase Extension:

  • In the Firebase console, visit Build > Extensions.
  • Search for and install the Firebase to BigQuery extension.
  • Follow the setup wizard, linking your BigQuery project and configuring data export settings.

2. Define Data Export:

  • Select the Firestore collections and documents you want to continuously export.
  • Choose the BigQuery dataset and table where the data will reside.
  • Configure write consistency and error handling to ensure smooth sailing.

3. Build Reports & Dashboards:

  • Leverage BigQuery's SQL capabilities and visualization tools to craft insightful reports and interactive dashboards that wow.

Code Example (Firebase Extension Configuration):

  "destinations": [
      "projectId": "your_bigquery_project_id",
      "datasetId": "your_dataset_id",
      "tableId": "your_table_id",
      "collection": "your_firestore_collection"


Beyond the Basics: Pro Tips & Resources

  • Schema Harmony: Ensure consistent schema between Firestore and BigQuery for seamless data flow and analysis.
  • Fort Knox Security: Implement robust access controls and encryption to safeguard sensitive data.
  • Performance Tweaks: Consider partitioning and clustering in BigQuery for speedier queries.
  • Extension Extravaganza: Explore other Firebase Extensions like Cloud Functions for BigQuery to automate advanced tasks.

Hungry for More? Dive Deeper:

Remember, this is just the beginning of your data-driven adventure. By harnessing the power of Firestore and BigQuery, you unlock a treasure trove of insights to fuel your app's success. So, start exploring, experiment, and unleash the full potential of your data!

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