Geek Digest #1 - Don't Fly Blind Online

Geek Digest #1 - Don't Fly Blind Online

Yo, what's up, tech enthusiasts! This week's Geek Digest tackles a biggie: measuring your website, app, or platform's performance.

Think of it like this: you wouldn't launch a game without playtesting, right? So why guess about your online presence?

Tools like Google Analytics and Hotjar are your backstage pass to see how users really interact with your stuff.

Here's the magic:

  • See what rocks and what sucks.
  • Make data-driven tweaks to boost those sweet, sweet conversions (think sign-ups, sales).

Imagine watching user recordings on Hotjar, like a spy in the shadows, seeing how they navigate your site. Or using Crazy Egg to test different layouts and headlines – like a mad scientist optimizing for the win!

Data is basically the gold coins you collect in your favorite game. 

But it's only valuable if you use it! 

So next time, ditch the guesswork and get ready to level up your platform with data by your side. 

Stay tuned for more geeky goodness next week!

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