How Important Is Take Care of the Company Culture

How Important Is Take Care of the Company Culture

Allan Porras
Allan Porras Aug 25 2017 • 1 min read

At the beginnings, 4Geeks started working 100% from home. Maybe was a mistake. Maybe was part of the process. And that was very difficult to grow. Lesson learned. Are your company right here?

The point is that some months ago to moved to a new office. A bit bigger. Big tables and great snacks, bla, bla. And, you know, the 4Geeks face changed a 100%. That’s exactly what your company need to do to strong their company culture.

But, why is important the company culture?

Because of the long-term vision. Public confidence. Easy to hire top talent.

So, now we are also focus on the team member’s happiness. If they are OK, the projects are OK. Clients happy. Company is OK. This is a win-win situation.

Culture is not about high salaries.

Bonuses are important in the software industry, because everything is changing very fast. So, software companies need to be sure they are a good option to get top talent.

Some “bonuses” that the team are getting are today are:

  1. Beer Friday.
  2. Snacks at the office every single day.
  3. Close communication
  4. Work from home, some days a month.
  5. Attend to tech meetups

By the way, we are planning to host monthly technical meetups here at the office. Invite some geeks from another companies and build a strong geek community across the city. I will publish a new blog post about this. Stay tunned.

If you are running a company, no matter the industry, please try to think what your employees maybe thinks and feels. Your responsability is grow every day.

Take a look at this video about our last Beer Friday. Hope you can enjoy as we did 🙂

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