Importance of Software Quality Assurance in 2019

Importance of Software Quality Assurance in 2019

Over the years, the human being has become very dependent on technology, which means that companies that are in the area of technology are obliged to adapt to new changes and user needs, causing so they compete with each other to provide quality products to current and new customers.

But how can these companies make the product they offer quality and competitive? The answer is simple, they should only have a Software Quality Department or purchase this service from another company, but never skip some of these options and in the development of this blog I will explain why it is so important to have professionals in the area of Software Quality, but first I will give you the concept of Software Quality.

Software Quality

It is when the software meets or exceeds customer expectations or needs, for example, functional requirements, performance requirements, development standards, among other needs, which are explicitly specified in the documentation, which is provided by the client.

But, what happens when the concept of Software Quality is not applied, there is no specialized department in the area or there is no professional specialized in Software Quality?
Many things can happen and some of them are:

  • Degradation of the image of the Company, by selling products that do not have a desirable quality, thus losing current and future customers.
  • Incurring more costs for not having prevented or resolved errors in time.
  • Generate distrust of future clients.

That is why Software Quality is of the utmost importance, since it helps to reduce the risk of incidents, provides confidence to our customers and thus attracts more customers, it is possible to deliver a high-quality product which meets the needs of the client and meets with all the requirements and requirements established in the documentation given by the client.

Before concluding this blog I want to leave you this phrase that I found, which I hope will help you a lot.

«Design is not only what you see, but how it works» – Steve Jobs
I hope this blog has been very helpful, see you soon!

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