Introducing 4Geeks for Agencies

Introducing 4Geeks for Agencies

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Marketing Team Aug 15 2022 • 1 min read

Finding quality talent is becoming increasingly difficult for an agency, regardless of its level of maturity. Retention becomes almost impossible, since the technology industry is very dynamic.

Smaller agencies can't access high quality talent to assist temporary client projects. Basically it's not a true business.

That's why 4Geeks for Agencies was born.

So 4Geeks for Agencies is an exclusive program for marketing and software agencies, to staff accounts with fully-vetted software engineers and marketers freelancers, within 48 hours. No setup fees. No long-term contracts. No risk.

Main focus of 4Geeks for Agencies is to 3X revenue and decrease operational costs for global agencies looking for be profitable.

Serve your agency clients faster with on-demand talent.

  • Start billing your clients ASAP: Staff new accounts in terms of hours, and start billing them as soon as possible.
  • Win clients on new industries and business fields: Expand your clients base with new experts in new categories your business don't. Buy time.
  • Avoid high operating costs: Keep things simple. Hire new talent to assist your clients and leave them when don't need them. Avoid lost revenue.
  • Access top talent in 48 hours: Our network of marketing and software freelancers provides a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.

Our freelancers network cover most common roles in marketing and software space. So, available freelance roles for hire:

Software: Backend Software Engineers, Frontend Software Engineers, Data Engineers, AI Engineers and Cloud Engineers.

Marketing: Email Marketers, SEO Marketers, Paid Marketers, Social Media Marketers, Content Marketers, Marketing Analyst, Growth Marketer.‌‌

How to get started?

If you run a software or marketing angecy and interested to learn more please schedule a free consultation with a sales rep right now.

Request follow-up 🤙

About 4Geeks

Founded in 2012, 4Geeks is a global software engineering and revenue growth consulting firm for Fortune 500, Global 2000 and fast-growing SMBs. Provides top solutions to multiple industries including Retail, Healthcare, Banking & Financial Services, B2B SaaS, Manufacturing and Education. HQ in the USA, and delivery centers across Latin America.

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