I Got A Job Offer: Is It The Right One For Me?

Making the right decision is all about following your instinct and accepting the option that adds to your career and personal life.

I Got A Job Offer: Is It The Right One For Me?

Hey, it's me Milena again. This week I have been thinking about a topic that may be of uncertainty for many of you and yes, it is how to know if I should really accept or not a job offer, how to know if it is the right one.

To determine this I must take a few minutes and analyze all the factors involved in the labor process, I should not rush and overlook some details that in the future may affect me negatively. For this reason I have given myself the task of investigating what are some of the key points that can guide us in making this decision:

Personal Vision

It is important to establish professional goals and objectives in the short, medium and long term, this will help me understand what I want to achieve and how far I want to climb throughout my professional career and my life.

To know if the position they are offering me is really going to allow me to follow the line I have set or how close it is to it.

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My non-negotiables

Non-negotiables can be divided into two areas:

Personal: Values, daily activities, studies, changes of residence.

Professional: Salary expectations, working hours, tasks and responsibilities according to the position.

This aspect allows me to know which are the key points that I will not change or will not accept, in order to create a clear picture of what I can offer to the company and to analyze if the position fits my profile or if I as a professional adapt to it.


Most of us study a career in which we aspire to certain specific areas, for this reason I must first consider if this position has affinity to my professional profile or if it allows me to enter and grow in the area I want.

Secondly, I return to the job interview, here I will identify key aspects of the organizational culture, requirements of the company, characteristics of its human talent and other key points that allow me to identify who they are and with whom I will relate.

For this reason I must analyze if this environment is according to me, if my potential leader connects with me and vice versa. Concluding with this if I really see myself in the company or it is definitely not a place that makes me feel comfortable.

Growth opportunities

I must know that the demands of the market are not only for technologies and companies, but also for us as professionals. This is why I must keep in mind that constant growth is essential to be able to offer and demand in such a competitive market.

A company that from the beginning shows me its mission and vision allows me to idealize what it aspires and what it offers me to grow, not only in the position in which I am, but also gives me the opportunity to learn new languages, new technologies and training in areas other than my profile.

That the company itself is committed to making its employees visionary and prepared for different eventualities is a company committed to the growth and development of people.


As a last point and perhaps one of the most important is my intuition, perhaps it is a very common phrase, but you must follow what makes you feel happy, motivated and generates illusion, remembering that my performance and success depends on how motivated I feel, in addition to the contribution of my team for the development of the tasks and objectives.

For this reason I must make a study of everything that has taken the process, from the day of my application, motivations and experience in general. Visualizing the future and always looking for those opportunities that will add to my life.

Finally, it is important to remember that a job offer does not only depend on me saying "yes", but it also requires the commitment of the offeror to make me feel important and with all the potential to assume the responsibilities of the position.

I should not feel bad if at the end of the process I decide to reject the opportunity and I should not be afraid to say no, always remembering that it is my decision and I have the right to seek new opportunities that contribute to a healthy and successful professional life.

For the moment, these are some of the most important aspects to take into consideration when we start this recruitment process.

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