4 Tools We Use to Manage High-Performance Distributed Engineering Teams

4 Tools We Use to Manage High-Performance Distributed Engineering Teams

Allan Porras
Allan Porras Nov 18 2019 • 3 min read

Hi 4Geeks Nation! Fluent communication is the key to scale a business. An open channel to talk with your clients, partners and employees. We all know about how difficult could be to manage and communicate with a distributed engineering team, at any level.

Here at 4Geeks we have some full-time employees working from different regions in Latin America, and even in Costa Rica. While I’m in the city, other co-workers are literally working from the beach.

So today I want to give you some tools we use here at 4Geeks to design and build our client’s products day by day.

Slack: our internal communication tool

Slack is a cloud-based instant messaging platform we use to talk with other team-members. They can join Slack by web browser, desktop app (Linux, Mac and Windows) and mobile app (Android or iOS).

On Slack we create private and public groups to add specific team-members to these team.

Also you can connect third-party apps like Google Drive, Trello and HubSpot to write an automatic notification when a specific task is happen. For example, I connect HubSpot and the sales channel on Slack, to notify the group when a new lead has arrived.

Trello: to-do lists on-demand

Trello is a task management app that gives you a visual overview of what is being worked on and who is working on it. It used the Kanban system, which was developed in Toyota as a system to keep production levels high and maintain flexibility.

Trello is a system of boards, lists and cards. This creates a system that allows for individuals or teams to track a project and collaborate or contribute where they can be most useful or where it is most needed.

It is best represented as a whiteboard filled with post-it notes. Each post-it represents different tasks involved in the project.


I think GSuite is my favorite app because it group tons of tools: email, video-conference, documents, presentations, sheets, etc. GSuite is 100% connectable to your business domain (for example 4geeks.io).

Here at 4Geeks we use emails a lot, and Google Meet, a video-conference app.

GSuite is very fast, secure, scalable, responsive, supported by Google, so they have been creating new features and applying to your domain for free.


GitHub is a classic for software engineers, because on GitHub they host, share and version their written code. There are approximately 6 million hosted git repositories.

Most popular features are Integrated issue and bug tracking, graphical representation of branches, code review, project management, team management, social coding and more.

If your team is using other tools please comment below, I would like to give a taste to.

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