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Introducing 4Geeks Shops


4Geeks Shops es una plataforma web orientada al e-commerce y que te facilita la experiencia de crear tu propia tienda online inteligente, sin necesidad de plugins ni costosas integraciones y diseños.

How To Organize Your Work Day


Don't let all those tasks torment you and make you feel helpless or worn out. For this reason this week I have brought you a series of tips to help you develop your workday successfully.

The Growth Hacking Funnel Explained


Marketers and salespeople always are innovating on how to reach out leads and prospects, and turn them customers. Tons of good classical and modern strategies, from inbound to outbound marketing

[Report] Smart Commerce: AI for commerce


Download nowBe aware of 7 ways to apply Artificial Intelligence in your business and accelerate your growth. Increases in capital and labor are no longer driving the levels of economic

Report: Chatbots for Customer Service


Download nowLearn how to assist your customers on multiple channels. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the engine behind every chatbot on Internet. “By 2020, 50% of all searches will be by

eBook: How To Manage Time Efficiently


Download now> “Entrepreneurs and CXO have the challenge to improve their resources everyday, the most difficult challenge is that the day just have 24 hours”. 70% of startup founders are