Pfizer leverages 4Geeks talent to build their own products

Pfizer leverages 4Geeks talent to build their own products

Marketing Team
Marketing Team Jul 23 2021 • 2 min read

Pfizer is one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies with a diverse portfolio of prescription medicines, vaccines, and consumer healthcare products.

In 2018, Pfizer decided to augment their software engineering teams to support internal product development. To achieve this, Pfizer partnered with 4Geeks, a leading nearshore software development company with a track record of delivering high-quality software development services to its clients.

Name: Pfizer
Description: Pharmaceutical company
Country: United States
Solution used: Product Development


Pfizer's internal development team was facing several challenges, including a shortage of skilled software engineers, insufficient capacity to handle the increasing workload, and limited experience in certain areas of software development.

The company needed to augment its existing team with additional software engineers to support the development of critical internal products. Pfizer was looking for a partner that could provide experienced software engineers who could work seamlessly with their existing team.


Pfizer engaged 4Geeks to provide a dedicated team of software engineers to work on their internal product development. The team included a project manager, a software architect, two full-stack developers, and a quality assurance engineer. The team worked remotely and communicated with Pfizer's internal development team daily.

The 4Geeks team was responsible for developing new features, maintaining existing ones, and testing the software to ensure that it met Pfizer's quality standards. The team used Agile development methodologies, which allowed them to work in sprints and deliver software in a timely and iterative manner. They also used modern technologies and tools to ensure that the software was scalable, secure, and maintainable.


The partnership between Pfizer and 4Geeks was a great success. The 4Geeks team worked seamlessly with Pfizer's internal development team, delivering high-quality software that met Pfizer's requirements. The team was able to complete tasks on time and within budget, and the software they developed was reliable and scalable.

Pfizer was able to accelerate the development of critical internal products, thanks to the additional capacity provided by 4Geeks. The software developed by the 4Geeks team has helped Pfizer streamline its operations, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. Additionally, Pfizer was able to leverage 4Geeks' expertise in modern software development technologies and tools to improve its own internal processes.

The partnership between Pfizer and 4Geeks was a great success. 4Geeks was able to provide Pfizer with a dedicated team of experienced software engineers that augmented their existing development team. The team was able to deliver high-quality software that met Pfizer's requirements and helped the company achieve its goals.

Thanks to the partnership, Pfizer was able to accelerate the development of critical internal products, streamline its operations, and reduce costs.

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