Attending a soccer game is now much easier thanks to 4Geeks and Sporticket

Attending a soccer game is now much easier thanks to 4Geeks and Sporticket

Marketing Team
Marketing Team Dec 9 2022 • 1 min read

Sporticket is a leading online platform that provides ticketing services for various sports events across the globe. Despite having a wide customer base, the company faced a significant challenge in accepting payments online, leading to reduced revenue and customer retention.

The company approached 4Geeks, a technology company that provides solutions to businesses, to help them find a suitable solution to their payment challenges.

Name: Sporticket
Description: Ticket platform to sell and buy sport tickets online.
Country: Costa Rica
Solution used: 4Geeks Payments

The Challenge:

Sporticket had been struggling to find a reliable and secure way to process payments online. They had tried using various payment gateways, but they all seemed to have issues such as high transaction fees, poor user experience, and security concerns.

The Solution:

4Geeks Payments was recommended as the best solution to help Sporticket accept online payments. The solution allows businesses to receive payments securely and efficiently from anywhere in the world. 4Geeks Payments provides a simple and user-friendly interface, making it easy for customers to complete their transactions.

4Geeks Payments was integrated with the Sporticket platform, enabling the company to accept payments from customers across the globe. The integration process was seamless, and 4Geeks' team provided support to ensure that the system was working correctly. Additionally, 4Geeks Payments offered competitive transaction fees, which helped Sporticket reduce their payment processing costs.


After integrating 4Geeks Payments, Sporticket was able to accept payments from customers worldwide. This resulted in a significant increase in revenue, as customers could now easily purchase tickets online. Sporticket also received positive feedback from customers regarding the user experience, which helped to improve customer retention.


By partnering with 4Geeks, Sporticket was able to find a reliable and secure payment solution that met their needs. The integration of 4Geeks Payments allowed Sporticket to accept payments online from customers worldwide, leading to increased revenue and customer retention. With the help of 4Geeks, Sporticket was able to streamline their payment processing, ultimately improving their overall business performance.

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