Staying Productive While Working From Home

Staying Productive While Working From Home
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What does working from home mean to you? What motivates you about it? This is a concept going way to popular these days and apparently people relate it to spending all day in pajamas, not being tied to a schedule… even not showering. Anyway, work from home is great when you know how to lead your responsibilities. 

Working from home is one of many empowering ways the company uses to show its trust in your work and skills. So, it requires self-discipline and be able to differentiate this benefit from the holidays. The fact of getting stuck to the computer all day could make you believe you are doing things that seem to work when they really are not. That’s why here I leave you 5 tips to be efficient while enjoying this benefit.

#1 – Get ready for the day

This may not be a tip for everybody. Many people feel more comfortable working in pajamas. However, a good shower before you start and your favorite (not overdressed) clothes can give you extra motivation.

#2 – Get an agenda or a planner

Planners or agendas can help to focus on your chores, clear your mind and accomplish more tasks at the time. They’ll allow you to organize every day, with important dates, priorities and pending. It is not necessary a paper one, there are multiple apps on the Internet or even from your mobile.

#3 – Set your schedule and take breaks

Set what your work hours would be, to prevent you from falling into long workdays with the excuse of staying until you finish what you are doing and end up burned out. Setting yourself boundaries can help you maintain a life outside of work, and help you keep up a routine, which is great for productivity.

Also take breaks, leave your workspace aside and do something to rest your mind for a moment. This will allow your concentration to be stable and not fall into procrastination.

#4 – Create your the perfect workspace

Set a specific space to work, where you feel comfortable and you can carry out your tasks. Make sure it has good lighting, is clean and tidy.

A point to take in consideration is that working at home tires. Although, you can find another ideal places where you can work, they can be open spaces, coffee shops, even rooms in your house that makes you feel comfortable. Fresh air will help you relieve stress and increase creativity.

#5 – Avoid distractions

Some people keep up their level of concentration and effectiveness, regardless of the noisy environment. So I recommend you to identify what things make you lose your concentration and try to avoid them. It could be your mobile, TV or a crowded place, at the same time, detect what makes you increase your concentration level and make it happen.

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