Take the stress away of your end of the year

Take the stress away of your end of the year

“Stress is a physiological reaction of the organism in which various defense mechanisms come into play to face a situation that is perceived as threatening or of increased demand. And, the end of the year has a little to do with that,” warns the Adriana Alonso, psychologist, specialist in Psychocardiology of the Argentine Cardiological Foundation.

The final stretch of the year is getting closer and with it work and social events. For a lot of people this time of the year means emotional and nervous overflow, since it is related to cycle’s closure of projects. Also, the obligations related to home, work and family seems to increase, causing a huge amount of stress, psychological and physical tiredness.

The most appropriate strategy to control stress on these dates and avoid wear and tear, depends on the attitude with these are faced. The more demanding a person is with himself, and the results expected by it, higher levels of stress tend to suffer.

So, how can we combat stress of the end of the year?

  • Don’t worry about what you can’t control.
  • Focus and do something in relation to what can be managed.
  • Prepare as best as possible for possible situations to face.
  • Ask for help instead of believing that one can do it all alone.
  • Learn to delegate and not believe that “I do better than others.”
  • Learn to organize the time correctly so that everything that is pending is not stressed.
  • Set goals and priorities.

Thinking positive is fundamental, things will work out and we will enjoy them.

Let’s avoid complaining about the difficulties that arise, and take the holidays and the end of the year as a time to share with the affections in the desired way and not as is due.

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