Why Hiring Latin America-based Talent it's The Best for Cultural Fit

Why Hiring Latin America-based Talent it's The Best for Cultural Fit

Allan Porras
Allan Porras Mar 9 2020 • 3 min read

First of all we must be clear about the correct concept of culture. Therefore, culture refers to the set of material and spiritual resources of a social group, which is transmitted from generation in order to arrange individual and collective practices. It includes language, processes, ways of life, customs, traditions, habits, values, patterns and knowledge tools.

Its function is linked to guarantee survival and facilitate adequate adaptation of people to a determined environment.

In addition, the term of culture is used to talk about the values ​​and habits that dominate specific groups or for specialized fields of knowledge or activity, for example, as we will discuss in this blog the corporate culture.

Organizational culture is the set of norms, values, beliefs, ways of acting and thinking that members of a work team share.

With all these concepts clear, we can realise why organizational culture is so important. It guarantees national and international successful recruitment process, assures employees who leave it to take some type of learning and allows new employees to adapt in the easiest way, it could be based on respect, tolerance, effort, trust and motivation.

Taking all this information into consideración, we can talk about the real cultural fit and why it is very helpful when hiring developers in Latin America compared to countries like the United States or India.

What does cultural fit in a work environment, really means? In general terms, it means that beliefs and behaviors of an employee are aligned with the core values ​​and culture of the company that hires him. Taking into account that both, the worker and the company, handle the same philosophy and values, the adaptation process will be more agile, and the new worker will feel more motivated.

Once cleared all the doubts around cultural adjustment we must also ask ourselves, what are the values, beliefs, behaviors and experiences that make up the environment of the organization?

When you define a culture based on the aforementioned, you can gather people with different skill sets and backgrounds through a sense of shared purpose. This would lead us to a human-centered approach which would help us build high performance teams.

When it comes about outsourcing software engineers, regions such as the Asian continent (India, to be precise) and Europe have always been the main outsourcing destinations, but everything has changed with the increase in software outsourcing in America Latina in recent years.

One of the characteristics that stand out from remote work is its increased by almost 90% in the last 12 years, in addition 50% of millennials already work remotely and almost 70% of the population worldwide has the option of getting work from home.

The growth of the outsourcing market in Latin America has been growing, studies conducted in 2018 claim that the main destinations for hiring remote workers between different continents (Europe, Asia and America), were Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia.

Reviewing this information, cities like India, China and Malaysia are below Latin America we see that developers of our continent have managed to make this important change for the region and it does not seem to stop in the near future, considering how fast the market is evolving.

According to data from Stack Overflow, the two regions with the most software engineers are Latin America and Asia, and the latter ranks first on the list. However, from that study we can see how more than one million software engineers are located in Latin America.

Studies conducted by Angile Engine directly showed how Latin American software developers have the HIGHEST classification when it comes about maintaining an excellent work environment, cultural compatibility and a great overall experience. So, yes, I could say that Latin American software developers are an excellent option to work.

Finally, seeing the most attractive points of the developers in terms of working conditions, the language and the time zone keep them with excellent job satisfaction, something that is not as visible with the developers of India or the United States for example. In conclusion, hiring software engineers in Latin America has become one of the most attractive options for people who wish to develop their projects in the best way.

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