4Geeks helps TicoTek automate online payments 24/7

4Geeks helps TicoTek automate online payments 24/7

Marketing Team
Marketing Team Jul 22 2021 • 2 min read

TicoTek is a small business based in Costa Rica that specializes in selling gaming and computer accessories. Their goal was to expand their online presence and offer customers a more convenient way to purchase their products through their website.

However, they were facing challenges in accepting online payments, which was affecting their sales and growth. That's when they decided to partner with 4Geeks Payments, a payment gateway and merchant services provider.

Name: TicoTek
Descrition: Gaming and computer accesories
Country: Costa Rica
Website: TicoTek.com
Solution used: 4Geeks Payments


TicoTek's biggest challenge was to find a reliable and affordable payment gateway to accept online payments.

They had tried several solutions in the past, but most of them were either too expensive or had complex integrations that required technical expertise. This made it difficult for them to process payments and manage their finances efficiently.


TicoTek approached 4Geeks Payments, which offered a simple and user-friendly payment gateway solution that could easily integrate with their website. The team at 4Geeks Payments helped TicoTek to set up their account and guided them through the integration process, which was quick and seamless.

With 4Geeks Payments, TicoTek was able to accept payments from all major credit and debit cards. The platform also offered real-time reporting and analytics, which enabled TicoTek to track their sales and revenue in real-time.


After integrating 4Geeks Payments, TicoTek saw a significant increase in their online sales. Customers could now easily purchase products directly from their website using their preferred payment method, which resulted in higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

With 4Geeks Payments, TicoTek was also able to streamline their financial operations and manage their cash flow more efficiently. The platform's reporting and analytics features provided valuable insights into their sales and revenue, which helped them to make better business decisions and plan for the future.


TicoTek's partnership with 4Geeks Payments was a success, and it helped them to overcome their biggest challenge of accepting online payments. With a reliable and user-friendly payment gateway solution, TicoTek was able to expand their online presence and increase their sales. The platform's reporting and analytics features also helped them to manage their finances more efficiently and make informed business decisions. Overall, the partnership with 4Geeks Payments helped TicoTek to achieve their business goals and set them up for future growth.

4Geeks provides the perfect solution for companies like TicoTek because its pricing model is based on actual transactions instead of monthly fees or setup costs. This makes 4Geeks affordable even at early stage when there are only few transactions per month as well as scalable so it can be easily integrated into existing systems with no additional cost burden once business grows up.

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