How 4Geeks Helped Umana Consultants Conquer the Online Payment Game

How 4Geeks Helped Umana Consultants Conquer the Online Payment Game

Umana Consultants, the Costa Rican contact center powerhouse, knows a thing or two about smooth communication. But when it came to accepting online payments, their own lines were... well, a little crossed. As their business boomed, managing invoices and chasing down payments was becoming a tangled web of emails, spreadsheets, and late fees. They needed a solution, and fast.

Enter 4Geeks, the tech wizards behind the scenes of many a Costa Rican success story. With their keen understanding of the digital landscape and their knack for crafting custom solutions, 4Geeks became the missing piece in Umana's growth puzzle.


4Geeks integrated a seamless payment gateway into Umana's existing system, making it as easy for clients to pay as it was for Umana to answer their calls. Gone were the days of chasing invoices – customers now had the freedom to pay at their convenience, with a simple click or tap.

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But 4Geeks didn't stop there. They knew that a smooth payment experience wasn't just about convenience; it was about building trust. So, they implemented robust security measures and transparent transaction tracking, giving Umana's clients peace of mind and strengthening their brand image.


The results were as clear as a perfectly-connected call:

  • Faster payments: Gone were the days of waiting weeks for checks to clear. With online payments, Umana saw their cash flow improve dramatically.
  • Reduced costs: Ditching the manual invoice process and chasing late fees meant significant savings for Umana, freeing up resources for growth.
  • Happier clients: The ease and security of online payments translated to satisfied clients, leading to increased loyalty and repeat business.
  • Scalable growth: With a streamlined payment system in place, Umana was ready to take on new clients and expand their services without worrying about payment bottlenecks.

Umana Consultants is now a shining example of how embracing the power of online payments can transform a business. They're no longer just answering calls; they're ringing up growth, thanks to the tech expertise of 4Geeks.

Watch Daniel Umaña, CEO of Umana Consultants talka about the experience on working with 4Geeks.

Daniel Umaña, CEO of Umana Consultants

So, if your business is struggling with clunky invoices and slow payments, take a page out of Umana's book. Give 4Geeks a call – you might just find your own growth story waiting on the other end of the line.

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