Jorge Rincón

Meet Jorge Rincón

I asked Jorge a few questions, who is a software engineer responsible for the development, design, and implementation of new

17 Nov

Meet Michael Salas

This time I talked to Michael, who is a software engineer. Michael has worked in plenty of projects here at 4Geeks, because

09 Sep
Diego Rodríguez

Meet Diego Rodríguez

I talked to Diego, who is a software engineer here at 4Geeks. Diego is creating amazing products under 4Geeks branding, own

02 Sep
Kristhel Alvarado

Meet Kris Alvarado

This time I talk to Kris Alvarado, which is in charge of making sure all finances are making sense at company level. She is

28 Aug
Andrés Reyes

Meet Andrés Reyes

Andrés is the QA Analyst of a new project developed for CannaSafe. He is responsible for testing their custom web-based

25 Aug
David Valverde

Meet David Valverde

We have internship programs at the office, with a successful retention rate. So that means, most of our interns remain at the

21 Aug
Juan Carlos Rojas

Meet Juan Carlos Rojas

Since June 1st a batch of new interns has been working really hard in a new project. JuanCa is one of them and quoting his

19 Aug
Génesis Zamora

Meet Génesis Zamora

Génesis joined the team since July, as an intern in a new project 4Geeks is developing. She has been excellent support on it,

14 Aug
Shaneen Wilshire

Meet Shaneen Wilshire

Our Marketing and Sales Internship hosted a batch of interns since June 2020. Shaneen is one of them and her work with the

12 Aug